More homeowners are staying put these days and remodeling their existing square footage vs. moving up to a bigger home. The economy as much as an increasing awareness that bigger isn’t always better is behind the movement.


Sun Homes leads the movement offering remodeling services that can truly turn a house into a home--delivering Old World craftsmanship and unique innovation Spatial thoughtfulness is at the essence of Sun Homes’ designs and construction. We’re not talking a small house necessarily, but a smaller house than a lot of upwardly mobile people once thought was necessary.  We are talking about designing your front and back entry in a way that actually welcomes you and your guests home or opening  your floor plan to invite you into the next room.  AddingAlcoves, window seats, built-ins, bookshelves…these are a few of the details that make a striking interior statement. Trade in your superfluous square footage for something a little less tangible but heaps more meaningful. Let Sun Homes guide you.

50+ Housing

The country's 79 million baby boomers have changed the future of residential construction and remodeling. Housing for the 50+ market is in high demand and Sun Homes is expert in design/build and construction of amenities to satisfy an aging market.


  • In-home elevators and stair chairs are just some of the features that homeowners are adding to multi-story residences to ensure access to all levels throughout every stage of mobility.
  • First-floor master suites are favored both for privacy and accessibility.
  • Handrails that allow surefooted ascent and descent to basements and garages are as much a safety feature for the younger set as they are a support for the aging population.
  • Shower seating and walk-in bathtubs are safety considerations in bathrooms as well as handrails, including handrails for support near the toilet fixture.
  • Wheelchair accessible walkways and entrances don't have to shout "afterthought" when Sun Homes remodels the entrance to your home.
  • Thoughtful design and solid construction of the many conveniences that enhance mobility and safety are just one of the benefits of working with Sun Homes. Implementation of these upgrades doesn't have to be disruptive and in fact can extend the time a senior can stay in their own home comfortably. Just ask Sun Homes for suggestions. We'll tell you from experience that our clients always remark that they wish they'd made the decision to adapt their home to suit their Golden Years sooner!