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“Cabinet displays: Showcasing your wares”

Wikipedia says "Increasing interest in household efficiency led, in the 1920s, to pioneering motion studies of housework by industrial psychologist Lillian Moller Gilbreth. Improvements in kitchen design led to today's familiar built-in cabinetry."



But really, who cares about kitchen efficiency if you don't get to show off a little?  Kitchens offer so many ways to spice up the visual experience of your home.  A good mix of cabinets that can first of all hide the not-so-pretty kitchen tools and disorganized stacking and second display some of the more glamorous cook wares , candles, decorations etc. in the form of art.




I still believe strongly in a kitchen designed for great cooking!  However, the purpose of a kitchen has gone so far beyond just cooking efficiency.  It is now also command central, party central, homework central, tea and cookie central and many other centrals. 


So don't miss your chance to design your next kitchen cabinets to show off grandma's china from the old country or a special shelf to display your back yard roses.  And remember lighting!!


Thanks for listening.


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