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Trimming your house with Crown - the molding of Monarchs!

I still remember the first time I saw crown molding on cabinets as a kid.  It was love at first sight!



A crown literally is the ornament of Kings and Queens.  When I first encountered the rich profile of a proud cherry wood crown molding sitting elegantly at the top of the kitchen cabinets I could hardly believe the transformation  it made to otherwise ordinary cabinets.  Since then I continue to find many beautiful new applications and reasons to add it to just about any design style.

You can add crown to the entry way, the study, in coffered ceilings and in one two or three pieces.  It can hold accent lighting or be tight to the ceiling.  There are hundreds of styles to match your design taste.   So, call us and let us bring some royalty to your home.  It may not make you richer but you will feel that way!



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Cabinet fun to spice up your living!

Sometimes your remodeling doesn't have to be practical it can just be fun.


We all love to have some conversation piece in our homes or office and usually more than one.  It is there to remind us of the joy of living (which is mostly what we do in our homes, we live in them). 


It's been said that our home is our biggest investment, however, we rarely walk in the front door and think of our home value.  Yes our homes are a big investment but we expect more out of this investment than any other.  Our homes become a part of us that is forever imprinted on our memories.  We watch our kids grow up, we remember Thanks giving dinners with friends and family, snow storms and hot chocolate, good books by a warm fire, lemonade, hamburgers and hot dogs, ping pong in the basement and on and on. 


So, when you are ready to upgrade your kitchen, expand the family room or even turn your master bath into a personal spa, I would ask you to include fun and enchanted living in your mix of requirements.  The pay off will be in so much more than dollars.



We have had more fun talking about this little cabinet addition than many other fancy gadgets in the kitchen.  Not to mention the reward we get when company comes and we see their little children so fascinated with our cabinets.  Like most spices, it doesn't take much to make a big difference!



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Kevin Minne

Sun Homes Inc.

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Death by Design

Hello again Everyone,




"To design or not to design that is the question."  I just spent time trying to give a cost estimate without any plans or specifications.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  So many customers that are in the market for construction or remodeling projects are just not willing to spend the money for good design work.  Without a well designed plan it makes it very difficult for a contractor to put together an accurate cost estimate.  So why don't people want to spend the time and money for good design???



I would like to stop there and give you readers a homework assignment.  Why don't you see value in hiring an architect or designer?  Let us know your thoughts at



I will continue with why design (or lack of design) causes the death of many a project.  I recently was given verbal requirements for a project, tile the kitchen and bath floors, vault the ceiling, install the tankless electric water heater, etc.  That set of verbal plans is most likely going to be a nightmare for the customer since the floor was built with floor joists that are too small to support a tile floor without movement and cracking.  (A crack free tile floor was not in the verbal plans.)  The tankless water heater will not pay for itself in the time the owner plans to be in the home. The real goal was to have the cheapest water heat possible.  Now this is a simple example but it illustrates some of the pitfalls of "hurry up and give me a bid" thinking.


So, here is a good rule.  If your project is going to take a month spend a minimum of 1/2 that time thinking and planning and getting your vision on paper

Most people are not aware of all the exciting products and finishes available nor are they familiar with the hidden costs or issues in a construction project.  That is where a good designer will, most of the time, save you money or headaches that will more than pay for his or her services.


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