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Budgeting for home maintenance

Did you ever wonder how much money you spend on just maintaning your home each year?  Would it help to know how much to budget for home maintenance?  Most of us just spend the money that is necessary and don't even think about how much it averages out to over time.  We are often asked to give an assessment of the condition of homes and what maintenance may be required in the near future.  Of course there are variables but studies have shown that you can expect to spend 2% of you homes value each year.  Now you may not spend it each year but you may spend 10% one year after saving for 5 years on a kitchen remodel.  So, just keep in mind that there is an expense to owing a home above and beyond a mortgage and it helps us to plan for it rather than be suprised.


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Home maintenance tips (Flashing)

So often when we inspect homes we see siding rotted and water damage behind the siding or stucco or masonry because caulk was used inplace of metal flashing or the flashing was not installed properly.  Sometimes the bottom edge of wood lap siding is not painted well and can allow water to travel upwards into the siding like a wick on a candle.  So, make sure your home or builder does not depend on caulk to alone provide a water barrier above windows and doors or siding trim or even wood decks.  Also, kick out flashing is often not installed where the roof line meets the wall of an upper story.  (This is a piece of metal flashing that kicks water out into the roof area rather that letting it get behind the siding as it comes down the roof.

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