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Return on investment

In the very recent past when people thought about investing in redesign and remodeling of their living or work space they wanted to know how the upgrade would affect resale value of the property.  Now that real estate prices have fallen many people cannot see how investing in redesign and remodel could ever have a positive return.  However, at Sun Homes we have always believed living and work spaces are for living and working not just for buying and selling.  If we are investing to bring more family connection and unity or more entertainment and relaxation value to our homes it will pay off.  Also, if we are investing in our work space to bring more inspiration, creativity and productivity it will pay off in many more ways than the selling price may reflect.


We believe that all people respond positively to beauty and functionality in their living and work spaces.  Just like having the right tool for the job, having the right mix of elegance and functionality that matches our lifestyle and work practices will bring a much higher level of quality to our lives. 


We humans are all influenced emotionally and psychologically by our senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. Just as  the smell of autumn leaves or a picture of a favorite colorful vacation spot can elicit memories and emotions  so can the right lighting accent of wall colors and textures or the beauty and functionality of an office or kitchen. 


This then is proof that investing in the beauty and functionality of our surroundings will have a positive return on that investment.


Thanks for listening!


Kevin Minne

President Sun Homes Inc.

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